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Album Art Dimensions – What Size Should My Cover Be?

It can be pretty baffling to figure out what size your album art should be. This, paired with the fact that it’s absolutely essential to make sure your album art is clean and not pixelated when viewed on music streaming services, makes this an essential element to get right. So what size should your album art be, and how can you fix it if it isn’t right?

When it comes to online music distribution services, some of them vary in terms of the numbers they specify that they prefer. To play it safe, save your album as a 3000x3000px PNG and JPG. save it as both different file types, because some music distribution services only accept one of the two different file types.

As mentioned in a previous articles, my favourite online music distribution service, DistroKid, prefers a 3000x3000px image so I tend to create my album art to this resolution. It’s definitely worth making your album art to a high resolution and then resizing it down if you can.

How To Resize Album Art

If your album art is slightly off but still good quality, you could try submitting the song with the differently sized album cover anyway. If this doesn’t work though, here is a quick and simple way to resize your album art to make it 3000x3000px. Don’t worry, you can save these new images as both Jpeg or PNG.

Resize Album Art Using Pixlr.

Pixlr is a great online image editing tool, which is very capable. You can use it for more than just resizing. It has some really great image editing tools built in, and lets you use layers in a similar way to photoshop. If you need to add a “parental advisory” logo, you can easily do that too.


Head over to and create a new image.

Pixlr Dimesions

Clicking “Create new” will show a prompt asking for dimensions. Enter 3000 by 3000.

All you need to do is paste your album art in, resize it to fit the size of the background, and save it.

And there you have it! That’s how to resize your album art to 3000x3000px. If you are going to do this, make sure that your original album art is still quite high res (2000x2000px at least), otherwise there is still a chance than online music distribution services will reject your album art, claiming it is too low res.

Thank you for reading, hopefully this has helped!