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Deep House Drum Loops Pack by Symitone – Royalty Free

When producing deep house, there are 3 absolutely essential elements to nailing the sound – drums, bass and groove. The Deep House Drum Loops Kit by Symitone Audio covers 2 of the 3 requirements with ease – 64 hand-crafted drum loops specifically for deep house producers.

With an ideal tempo range of around 120-125BPM, these drum loops will add some instant groove to your mix. Whether you want some airy hi hats, radio quality snares or complete drag-and-drop drum loops, this pack has it all.

Take a listen to the deep house drum loops kit demo to see if it’s your cup of tea:

Deep House Drum Loops Kit – Demo

As you can hear in the demo, these sounds are punchy yet crisp and clean – the loops are intentionally provided with enough room to let you add your own seasoning to them and tune them to your personal taste. Deep House is a highly varied and difficult to define genre, and this pack will help you harness your creativity and move your music in whatever direction you want to achieve within Deep House.

Deep House Drum Loops Kit – Details

At 578MB in size, with Studio Quality 32 Bit .WAV audio files, this pack really does the job, and has some sauce for everyone. From minimal yet modern drums to funky, reggaeton inspired percussion, you would be surprised what’s being offered for such a low price.

Unlike many other drum kits on the market which contain stolen, rehashed sounds we have all heard time and time again, Symitone Audio have a focus on originality and great sound design at the forefront of their sample packs.

Every single sound you hear in this pack, every kick, hi hat, snare, clap or perc, has been synthesized or recorded from scratch to make sure that the loops are completely original and can’t be sourced from anywhere else.

Deep House Drum Loops Kit – Is It Royalty Free?

On top of this, the instant digital download comes with a license in the folder, which allows you to use the sounds wherever you want without ever owing royalties to Symitone, and that includes commercial use. You can use these loops in a song with a billion plays, and you won’t owe a penny.

Limited Edition – Be Quick

It’s worth mentioning that as will most of Symitone’s sample pack drops, it’s a limited edition release. This is done to keep the samples exclusive and help keep their customer’s music sounding special – there’s nothing worse than finding a great sample pack and then realising that tens of thousands of other producers are also using the samples in their music too.

For this reason, the Deep House drum loops pack has been limited to under 500 copies. Once these copies have been sold, that’s it. No more downloads will be available.

Loops are perfect for getting ideas down quickly and getting through inspiration blocks, so if you want to make better music and maximise your productivity, sample packs like this are absolutely essential.

Check it out here: