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The Best Trap MIDI Pack of 2023

If you’ve been producing music you might have realised that when it comes to MIDI packs, the quality of them tends to be… inconsistent. Unfortunately a huge number of MIDI packs (both free and paid) tend to be made up of recycled, generic loops and often aren’t even ideal at all for producing trap beats.

Luckily Symitone have released their first Trap specific MIDI pack, and boy is it great.

Inspired primarily by the dark, moody atmospheres of the likes of Metro Boomin, this MIDI pack has 396 intricate chord progressions and melodies to help you make your best beats yet.

When producing trap beats a really common problem almost all producers encounter is beat block. Sometimes when you’re sat in front of your DAW for hours a day, nothing is working. This is where having a great MIDI pack to call on in your time of need is absolutely essential.

Just like Symitone’s other packs, this one comes conveniently pre-transposed and arranged by key, so you can instantly drag and drop the files into your existing project without tweaking it and dealing with your sounds being out of key. It simply works out of the box.

Another great benefit is the nature of the files. Typically, trap packs tend to be largely made up of drums. hi-hat and 808 patterns, with only a small portion of the included resources even being the melodies, which is what most people are after. On the other hand, the Trap MIDI pack Vol.1 is exclusively chord progressions, melodies and basslines.

If you’re fed up of beatblock and mediocre packs, check out the new release here.

As with all Symitone releases so far, this one is pretty limited. There are under 200 copies available, so it’s worth grabbing one before they sell out.