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The 5 Best MIDI Packs For Producing Trap Beats

When it comes to setting the vibe when producing trap beats, arguably nothing is more important than having a compelling melody to set the tone. It can be really difficult to get exactly the sound you’re looking for, especially when you’ve feeling a bit of creative block, so a ton of producers have a trick up their sleeves to break through the rut – MIDI packs.

Why Use MIDI Packs To Make Trap Music?

MIDI packs have a distinct advantage over sample loops for many producers, and thats for a number of reasons. The main benefit is that they offer you far more customisation than premade melody loops. This means you can tweak the notes in the piano roll easily, use whatever BPM you want, and also whatever instrumentation you want too.

Two different producers could use the exact same melody they have dragged into their DAW from a MIDI pack, and it would be extremely hard to tell they are the same.

This also has the distinct advantage of meaning that you shouldn’t end up getting your beats flagged by ContentID on YouTube. Although songs using sampled loops shouldn’t really be added into YouTube’s copyright system, people often ignore the rules, which can cause a ton of hassle for producers. MIDI packs on the other hand help make sure this isn’t a problem.

So with that being said, let’s get into the 5 best MIDI packs for making trap beats on the market in 2023.

Please note this has been written in association with Symitone.

1. Symitone – Trap MIDI Pack Vol.1

Trap MIDI Kit Vol.1 by Symitone

With 396 MIDI files and exclusively for chord progressions and melodies, this is definitely one of the most comprehensive packs out there for those of you who find melodies to be where you need the most inspiration.

We’ve spent months on producing this pack, and I’ve been using it constantly for my own music. It’s genuinely so useful when you’re in need of ideas to be able to drag and drop rich melodies right into your DAW and break through that bout of beat block we all encounter now and then.

Honestly, even when I’m feeling creative I’ll still have a look through the pack for inspiration. I tend to make beats with influences from Metro Boomin and Scott Storch, so having really enticing melodies to carry the song forwards is a must for me.

There’s only one downside to this pack – under 200 copies are available, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can check it out below on Symitone’s site.

2. BVKER – Nautilus Trap Drum Kit

Another great, but more expensive alternative is the Nautilus Trap Drum Kit by BVKER. This pack has quite a bit fewer MIDI files, but it does come with some pretty great one-shots and samples, which is always a nice bonus. BVKER has been around for a while now and has a pretty great reputation for making good sample packs, so they’re a great alternative especially if you’re feeling a bit dry in the drum kits department. Still, the MIDI files are a great addition nevertheless.

You can check out the pack on BVKER.

3. Cymatics – Alchemy Premium MIDI Collection

If you don’t know about Cymatics at this point, where have you been?!

The Alchemy premium MIDI collection is a large pack of interesting melodies which are ideal for trap producers. That’s Cymatics’ specialty after all. It is currently listed for $25, which is one of the more pricy options on the list, but they often have bundles which can sweeten the deal a bit.

You can check out the Alchemy MIDI collection on Cymatics below:

4. Symitone – Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2

I know, I know. It’s a Phonk kit, not strictly Trap. But if you’re looking for catchy, dark melodies you can drag and drop into beats in the 90-120 BPM range then this pack is still a strong contender in our opinion, especially if you’re also into a few more niche genres such as Phonk House.

With 299 MIDI files, it’s definitely a big one, as is expected from Symitone at this point, and it’s up for £4.99, just like the Trap MIDI Kit Vol.1.

5. Apollo Sound – Fill The Trap MIDI Kit

This is a great option if you’re specifically looking for Hi Hats and Snare patterns. With 30 Hi Hat Rolls and another 30 Snare patterns, there’s more than enough variation in this kit to make some pretty tight drums to accompany the dark, moody melodies supplied by one of the other kit’s we’ve already mentioned above.

Apollo sound are fairly reputable at this point, and with a big name backing like LoopMasters, it’s a great option. If you’re wanting to get inspired with melodies, this isn’t the one for you, but for tight, enticing drums it’s definitely worth taking a look into.

You can check it out on LoopMasters below:

Conclusion – There Are Great Trap MIDI Packs Out There, You Just Need To Be Selective

Despite how big the producer community is, it’s still surprisingly difficult to find reputable, high quality MIDI packs for making trap. It’s not necessarily that there aren’t many out there, it’s more so that there are a ton which are recycled loops, and aren’t even specifically designed for Trap! By sticking with any of the 5 mentioned above on our list, we’d like to think you can’t really go too wrong.

Our aim with this blog is not only to highlight Symitone (which we are associated with), but to also show off and recommend other resources for producers we find to be great too.