Sample Packs

Free 808 Sample Pack – 20 Key Labelled 808s

The folks at Symitone Audio have released an essential new free sample pack – the “Free 808s Pack Vol.1”. So many producers currently rely on just a small handful of decent 808 samples, and are getting tired.

Our Free kit comes with 20 completely original, key-labeled samples at your disposal. How many times have you found a great 808 sample only to realise it’s not even properly tuned, so it clashes with everything else?

Yeah.. us too.

Rather than merely pick a selection of samples from existing packs, we sat down and designed 20 completely new 808 one shots, so we’re certain no one has heard these yet. We’re confident that this is our best free sample pack yet.

As always though, there is a catch. We’re limiting the number of packs available to under 1000, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can check it out below to see if it’s still available:

A Demo of the 808s included in the sample pack.

Sample Pack Details:

  • Download Type – .ZIP
  • Size – 6.92MB
  • Premium/Free – Free Download
  • File Format – .WAV
  • Number of Samples – 20
  • Royalty Free – Yes