Music Distribution

How To Distribute Music To Instagram

Distributing music to Instagram like the big label artists might seem like a daunting task at first, but in reality anyone can do it. Here’s how to distribute your own music to Instagram with ease. Instagram Music Distribution You may have noticed when using Instagram that certain content such as reels may include music overlaid […]

Making Money From Music

Do Instagram Followers Matter for Musicians?

Do Instagram Followers matter for musicians and artists? It’s a common thought process many up and coming artists fall into the trap of. “I need social media followers to drive more people to my music”. It makes sense – the more people you reach on social media, the more people will discover your music, right? […]

Music Royalties

How Much Does Instagram Pay For Music Royalties?

How Much Does Instagram Pay For Music Royalties? Spoiler – It’s not a lot… A handful of music distribution platforms now allow musicians to release their music directly to Instagram and Facebook. It’s great that there is now yet another avenue for artists to monetize their music, but if you are hoping for a big […]