VST Plugins

The 8 Best FREE Piano VST Plugins in 2022

If you are looking for the free piano VSTs then look no further. Today I’ll be going over the best free piano VST of 2022 to take you music production quality to the next level, without spending a single dollar! If you’ve got your head wrapped around all the stock plugins that come with your […]

Music Tips

How To Prevent Hearing Loss As A Musician

Hearing loss is a terrifying thought for musicians – the thought of one of your greatest assets degrading over time can be scary. Some musicians just consider hearing loss to be a part of the trade, and sadly it’s almost impossible to completely avoid it, especially if you play a lot of live shows. Luckily, […]

Music Gear

How To Build a Cheap Home Music Studio

Building the perfect cheap home music studio can be daunting, and the prices can really add up fast once you add software to the mix. Here’s how to build the best home music studio on a budget, which should have just about everything you will need to make waves in the music scene. Today on […]