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DistroKid Album Art Size – How Big is Enough?

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When uploading a new release, it’s important to know the ideal DistroKid Album Art Size. Although there isn’t one specific dimension which is required, it is worth knowing the ideal size and file types to ensure you album art looks its absolute best on all digital music platforms.

DistroKid Album Art Size

According to DistroKid, they recommend that you upload your album art in a size of 3000x3000px, in JPEG format. It does seem to be technically possible to upload a smaller size, but there isn’t really a reason not to upload a nice, crisp, 3000x3000px album cover. If you end up having an issue with the file size being too big, don’t worry – I have a quick workaround.

How To Compress Your Album Cover for DistroKid

Instead of reuploading the album art in a lower resolution, I would instead recommend that you upload it in the same resolution but with a more compressed, slightly lower quality output instead.

If you already have made your album art, dealing with this is pretty easy.

First, open up Paint and resize the canvas to 3000x3000px. Paste your image in, and export it as a JPEG instead. (File -> Save As -> filename.jpg)

And there you have it! You should now be able to upload your album cover in 3000x3000px without any issues

Do I Need A Parental Advisory Logo on My Album Art for DistroKid?

If your song or album contains explicit content, then yes. Don’t worry if you don’t have a parental advisory logo on your album art as it stands, all you have to do is open the art in paint (I love Paint) and copy and paste the Parental Advisory Logo wherever you want. As long as you’re sensible and it isn’t crazy big or small, you shouldn’t have any issues when you upload your release.

Minimum DistroKid Album Art Size

If you’ve already made your album art, ready to use in a new music release, but have realised it isn’t 3000x3000px in size, you might still be in luck. The actual minimum dimensions, although not recommended, are 1000x1000px. Basically, as long as your album art is a square at least, you should be absolutely fine.

Can I upload a JPEG as Album Art to DistroKid?

DistroKid, unlike many other music distribution services who are a bit more picky, will actually prefer that you upload your album cover in JPEG format. This is worth remembering, as a few other services such as Landr ask for other file formats.

What is Not Allowed on DistroKid Album Art?

There are a few no-no’s for what you can feature on your album art. Generally, these rules are consistent across all of the different music distribution services, and are requirements set by the platforms themselves. If your album art has any of these, I would highly recommend you amend the album art first before trying to get your release published:

  • Website Addresses – Please don’t add a URL on your album art!
  • Twitter Name – It might seem tempting to use the cover for promo, but this won’t slide on the big platforms
  • Using “exclusive” or “limited edition” – this is because by the nature of the release, it is absolutely not exclusive or limited.
  • Blurry, pixelated or generally poor quality art – don’t bother trying to upscale low quality artwork, it’ll probably get rejected.
  • Unlicensed / generic stock photos – Make your own art!
  • Prices – don’t add a price to your album cover. Not that you would.
  • Nudity or Obscene imagery – even if it’s marked as explicit. There’s a limit. Search “No Love Deep Web Cover” to see how to deal with original artwork being not allowed on digital platforms (Don’t search this at work).
  • References to physical media – you can’t call is a cassette or a vinyl when it’s a digital release.

So there you have it, the requirements for album art when creating a release through DistroKid are pretty relaxed, but it’s worth knowing beforehand to save you the headache that could come from having to rework your cover art last minute.

If you aren’t currently a DistroKid member, check out my in depth review of the site here.