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How To Access Spotify For Artists On DistroKid

Accessing Spotify for artists through DistroKid is easy. Doing this has a lot of benefits for you as a musician, especially if a large portion of your audience are on Spotify. So What are the main benefits of using Spotify For Artists?

Spotify Logo
Spotify Logo

Why Use Spotify For Artists?

Firstly, logging into Spotify For Artists will allow you to see much more up to date, accurate streaming data relating to your music released on Spotify. When a release is fresh, The Spotify For Artists app can show a live stream count on your new music, which is pretty cool. Alongside this, another huge benefit of logging in is to be able to become a verified artists.

By no means does this instantly guarantee more streams to your songs, but I’m convinced from personal experience that getting a blue check mark on Spotify means your songs are more likely to be shown to a wider audience. Again, I have no actual evidence for this, and there are some huge non-verified artists on Spotify such as JME.

Having the blue check mark adds a little credibility to you as an artist too. I know that in reality it’s a very simple process but in 21st century society we have now been convinced that a blue check mark means something is good. Look at Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for example. And the same goes with Spotify.

Logging in to Spotify For Artists also enables you to have complete customisation of your artists profile, which you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. You can change your profile picture, background, pick a song of your choice to recommend to your audience, and even write a funny bio and add some artist pictures.

Why Log Into Spotify For Artists Using DistroKid?

So why log in via DistroKid? Why not just go to the site directly? The main reason to use DistroKid for logging in is because Spotify For Artists normally has a review process and takes a lot longer, so if you can access it through your online music distribution service then that will save a lot of hassle.

How To Log In Via DistroKid to Spotify Artists

So know we know why you should log into Spotify For Artists, how do you do it on DistroKid?

Firstly, you want to log in to DistroKid of course. Once you’re on the main page, click on the “Goodies” dropdown, next to “bank”. Then click on the dropdown within that titled “Special Access”. This will enable you to access all sorts of otherwise difficult places, such as an official artist YouTube channel too.

Distrokid Spotify For Artists
Spotify For Artists

See it? Great, now just click on “Spotify For Artists”.

Distrokid Spotify For Artists 2
Get Access Button – Spotify For Artists on DistroKid

Select the artist for whom you would like to get access to Spotify For Artists For. Don’t worry if you have multiple artists, you can repeat the process and then on the dashboard it will let you pick from each of them. You will need to log into your Spotify Account if you haven’t already, and then go ahead and fill in all the details required on the form. Don’t worry, it’s really quick and once you have done it you will have complete access to Spotify For Artists! It’s tied to your Spotify account, and there is even an iOS app for it. Pretty cool, huh?

Accessing The App In Future

Now that you have verified your account, you don’t need to use the “Special Access” dropdown every time you want to check the app. Simply directly use and log in and it will show you the exact same app, once you have logged into the Spotify account you paired to your artist name. The great thing is, this app works great if you run a label too! You can pair a bunch of different artists and categorise yourself as “manager” or some other music business job as opposed to artist.

If you are having some unexpected issues with logging in, you can also try directly with Spotify by clicking here. The form is a bit longer, and if I remember correctly they ask for details such as social media and things like that. If you can, definitely just use the handy DistroKid access tool.

Can I Get Paid Through Spotify For Artists?

No, Spotify does not pay you through this app. It will still be your online music distribution services who manage Spotify royalty payments even if you are now verified on Spotify.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this has helped you if you are a DistroKid user and have been trying to figure out how to finally get that check mark on Spotify. If you use a different music distributor, check out my article here for some help on that too.