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How to Get Verified on Spotify (2022)

A Verified Artist on Spotify

Getting verified on Spotify is pretty easy to do these days. Here’s how.

So you’ve uploaded your first proper release, and excitedly rush over to your artist page on Spotify to take a look. Somethings just a little bit… off. It just doesn’t seem quite as professional as all these other artists – what’s going on?

It’s because you aren’t verified. That blue checkmark just seems to make all the difference, doesn’t it?

There are plenty more reasons than just the blue checkmark which go into why getting verified on Spotify is a must. Getting verified allows you to:

  • Change your profile picture
  • Change your background
  • Choose an “artist pick” – a song you want to showcase
  • Write a cool bio
  • Access Spotify Artists – This is the best reason why I think every musician should get verified on Spotify.

So now that we’ve taken a quick look at why you should bother to get verified, I’m going to break down how to do it.

How to Get Verified on Spotify Through DistroKid

If you’re a fellow DistroKid user, you’re in luck. DistroKid is one of a handful of online music distribution services that allow you to get verified on Spotify in a couple of clicks.

First, head over to the DistroKid home page. Click Goodies -> Special Access -> Spotify for Artists

Spotify For Artists Login on DistroKid

All you need to do now is choose the artist from the dropdown and sign in to your Spotify account:

Spotify For Artists Selection Screen

Click agree. you’ll be redirected to and from now on you will be able to see a ton of really useful data on how your music is performing. Done! If you are considering using DistroKid but you haven’t made a firm decision yet, check out my review on them here.

How to Get Verified on Spotify Through Landr

Landr has a great music distribution service which I’ve used a lot. I personally think their platform is highly underrated. If you want to get access to Spotify for artists and use Landr, it’s effectively the same process as on the other platforms.

Log into Landr and click Distribute:

Landr Distribute

You should see the message reading “Get instant access to Spotify for Artists”. Click Access, and follow the same process outlined as in the DistroKid tutorial above.

How to Get Verified on Spotify Directly

If you are using another music distribution service, I would recommend asking them if they have a way of directly allowing you to log in to Spotify For Artists.

The alternate method is as follows:

  • Visit
  • Click on the collapsed menu
  • Click “Get Access”
  • You will need to log into your Spotify Account and then find your artist page by searching
  • Spotify will then ask for some details to help them verify it actually is you. This can include your name and social media profiles.
  • Done! (Hopefully)


All sorted – if you encounter any issues along the way be sure to comment down below and I’ll try to help out where I can. If all else fails, I would recommend getting DistroKid and verifying through them to save the headache. You will need to release another song to do that though.