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Where To Find Your Spotify Artist Url

There are a ton of different times as an artist where you may be asked to provide your Spotify Artist url. But it isn’t always obvious how to actually do this. Here’s how you can grab your Spotify Artist url for DistroKid and other online music distribution services.

Getting Spotify Artist url on Desktop

If you have moved over to using a different online music distributor, but want to release your songs to an existing artist name, chances are you already have a Spotify artist url. The easiest way to fetch it is by going onto the Spotify Desktop app and doing the following:

1. Log Into Spotify

Once you have logged into Spotify, you should be presented with a home page like this, albeit probably with better music recommendations:

Spotify Home Page

2. Search For Yourself In The Spotify Search Bar

Go ahead and search for your artist profile. Hopefully it will come up, unless you decided to call your band “The Rolling Stones” or something, in which case it might take you a little while.

Spotify Search

Click on the Spotify Artist Profile that belongs to you. If it isn’t the top result, don’t worry. Just click on the button labelled “Artists” and you should be able to find it.

3. Click On The 3 Dots Next To “Follow”

This will bring up a few different options. What you’re going to need is to hover over share -> click “Copy Link To Artist”.

Spotify Artist Url

It should give you a url that looks something like this:


Depending on what you need it for, they may require you to trim the url and just provide the code, in which case it would just be:

“0qT79UgT5tY4yudH9VfsdT” (But your code will be different of course”).

And there you have it! That’s how to find your Spotify Artist profile url in about 30 seconds. If you’re on mobile, you can follow a similar process, but it’s a little more finnicky.

How To Get Your Spotify Artist Url on Mobile

Open up the Spotify app on your phone. I have an iPhone but I would assume it’s pretty much exactly the same on Android too. Search for yourself in the search bar, and click on your artist profile. Click on the three dots next to the “Follow” button. Then click share -> copy link.

This url provided is in the form of “” which some of the music distributors won’t like. simply get rid of the “open.” part of the url and try it again if this is an issue you encounter. Below are a few common issues artists might encounter when trying to use their Spotify Artist url for releasing music to their profile:

Can I Copy Someone Else’s Spotify Artist Url?

You can! It depends what you intend to do with it though. Please don’t use this url to try and release music onto someone else’s profile, it’s already a pretty widespread issue and your music won’t stay around for very long at all if you decide to do this.

The Link Isn’t Working For Me…

If the link you have copied isn’t working, chances are they are looking for either just the code, rather than the entire link, or they want it to start with “” as opposed to “”. If you are still having any issues with fetching your Spotify Artist url, please leave a comment and I’ll try to help out if I can.

Does This Work On DistroKid?

Yes, DistroKid will be looking for this url if you are choosing to post to an existing Spotify Artist Profile. Some online music distributors will let you actually just use a built in search function on their site, but if you are unable to do that then here is how to get your Spotify Artist url the manual way.


There you go, hopefully this has helped you to find your Spotify Artists url quickly and easily. if you have any issues, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will follow up with another tutorial showing how to fetch your Apple Music artist url very soon. If you are looking for some other useful tips and tricks for becoming a successful independent musician, then why not check out some of my other articles? I’ve recently written one on how to get verified on Spotify Instantly, which I think is pretty cool. A link to that article is here.