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DistroKid Discount – Get DistroKid For The Cheapest Price [2022]

So you’ve figured out that DistroKid is the best cheap online music distribution service, but you want to get the best deal possible. Don’t Worry, I’ve got you! Here’s a link for getting a 7% discount on your first year on DistroKid. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

How Much Does DistroKid Cost With This Discount?

The basic tier, which includes unlimited music releases for 1 artists, starts from $19.99 per year, and the price increases from there depending on the number of artists you wish to release music to. With this referral code, the price for a DistroKid subscription goes down from $19.99 to $18.59. It might not seem like a huge amount, but that is the equivalent of about 608 streams on Spotify based on my personal royalties data. In the world of music, every penny is worth it!

How Do I Use The Discount?

All you need to do to receive the 7% off of a year’s subscription to DistroKid is sign up for an account using the button above, or clicking here. Once you are on their sign up page, you should see this message:

DistroKid Discount Code Page (Updated 2022)

If you see the yellow message, reading “Looks like you clicked a VIP link to get here! Someone sure loves you.”, then you will be able to claim your price reduction on the payment page once you have signed up for an account. Don’t worry, all that is required for now is for you to enter your email and create a nice, strong password.

DistroKid Payment Plans

Once you’ve signed up for your DistroKid account, you will be presented with a few different subscription tiers available to you. Check out my article here for more details on the pricing structure here.

If you want to just see what each tier offers you, check out the table below. In summary, if you simply want to make unlimited music releases to one single artist then choose the cheapest plan, for one artist.

Remember, if you change your mind and decide that you want to upgrade your subscription then you are able to do that at any time. I personally recommend just choosing the basic option and seeing how you get on from there. I started a few years ago with the basic, single artist DistroKid subscription before upgrading to the “label” version, since I now have multiple artists under management.

What is The Difference Between Musician And Musician Plus?

So what is the main difference between musician ($19.99 $18.59) and musician plus ($35.99 $33.47)? Musician plus offers a couple of other options which may be worth it for you. Firstly, the musician plus subscription allows you to view daily streaming statistics, which can be pretty useful for planning your music releases. It also lets you customize your label name, release date and preorder date.

Again, this is useful for making a more professional release, and the changing the name of your label can help you create a bit more of a brand than having the generic DistroKid label name. Lastly, the main big benefit of the musician plus subscription is that you are able to release music to two artists. Many of you will not need this, but if you are a music producer who enjoys making music under multiple genres or aliases then you may really benefit from this option.

Number of ArtistsAnnual Cost (USD)Perks
1 Artist (Musician)$19.99 $18.59Upload unlimited songs
Upload unlimited lyrics
Spotify verified checkmark
Collect earnings from royalty splits
2 Artists (Musician Plus)$35.99Everything above, plus:
Synced Instagram Lyrics
Daily Streaming Stats
Customizable label name, release date, preorder date,
iTunes pricing and ISRC codes
2 artists or bands
5 Artists (Label)$79.99Same as above, but more artists
10 Artists (Label)$139.99Same as above, but more artists
20 Artists (Label)$239.99Same as above, but more artists
50 Artists (Label)$599.99Same as above, but more artists
100 Artists (Label)$1199.99Same as above, but more artists
DistroKid Tiers Pricing

Final Steps – You’re Ready To Release Some Music!

Great, you’ve decided on which plan is right for you. Now all that’s left to do is pay! I know it seems like a pain, but I genuinely would not be able to do my job without the service than online music distribution services provide. For a little less than $1.55 per month you have the ability to release unlimited music, build an audience of dedicated fans, and very importantly collect your well-deserved music royalties! If you’re interested, you only need around 8000 plays on Spotify to pay for your subscription (if you use the 7% off).

Is There A Bigger Discount On DistroKid Available?

In theory, yes, but you will have to be patient. First, sign up for DistroKid using the button above, to get the initial 7% off. Then, wait for a couple of days and see if you receive an email offering a greater amount off. I’m not certain that this is still working as I didn’t personally wait to sign up, and $18.59 for unlimited music releases is a pretty good deal as is if you ask me.

Conclusion – 7% is The Best Offer Available

So there you have it, 7% is the best discount available on your annual DistroKid subscription. If you want to find out more about DistroKid, why not take a look at my in depth review here? Alternatively, if you need to get your album art sorted for your first release on DistroKid, take a quick look at my guide on what album size you will need for your cover art here.

Thank you for reading my guide on how to get the cheapest price available on my personal favourite online music distribution service. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.