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Best Phonk Drum Kits – Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1 by Symitone

Phonk Music has absolutely exploded over the last few years, and has branched off into a wide array of different styles and production techniques. Although initially inspired by the dark sound of 90’s Memphis Rap, combined with an 808 cowbell melody, the genre has evolved into making use of all kinds of cowbell samples, as well as a huge range of tempo and darkness.

Below, we will take a look at one of the best 100% Royalty Free Phonk Drum Kits around for music producers and what makes it so good.

Disclosure – The Writer of this article owns shares in Symitone.

Drift Mix – Credit to PHONKONAUT

Phonk House vs. Drift Phonk – What’s the Difference?

The two main distinct subgenres are “Phonk House” and, for lack of a better term, “Drift Phonk”.

When making Drift Phonk, the cowbells are typically more plucky and short, as the melodies are faster, and the same goes for the drums too. short and punchy kicks, snares and hats in a modern trap music style are commonplace, although some producers prefer to go for a more authentic 90’s hip hop flair. On the other hand, Phonk House is more slower and often darker, with more of a focus on a sort of anime villain aesthetic if you will. Both are very popular, especially for gym-goers.

One problem in the genre is most samples are NOT royalty free and come with no authorisation to use the samples for commercial use. The Symitone Phonk Essentials Kit is different, because you can use the samples to your heart’s content and profit from your music! This means you can use the kit to make a song, post it on Spotify, and you don’t owe Symitone a single penny from your royalties after you’ve bought the pack. Without further ado, let’s take a look at one of the best packs around for making great Phonk music right out of the box, Beginner or Pro.

Symitone Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1

Luckily, for producers who are looking to make any kind of Phonk music and need a one-stop solution with everything they need in one place, the guys over at Symitone have compiled a brilliant kit with everything you need to make Phonk House, Drift Phonk, or just about any kind of other subgenre you could possibly think of. Let’s take a look at what samples you get.

The Phonk Essentials Kit Demo Track.

What’s Included In The Kit?

Phonk Essentials Drum Kit
Essentials Kit Cover Art.

At a glance, the pack contains a ton of loops and one-shots so you can make a song in seconds if you want, or get technical and make a beat completely from scratch:

  • Loops
    • 23 Drum / 808 Loops
    • 22 Phonk Cowbell Melody Loops
    • 7 Noise / Texture Loops#
  • One Shots
    • 8 Cowbells
    • 23 808s
    • 12 Claps
    • 29 Hats
    • 29 Kicks
    • 42 Snares

Unlike most packs which are just repackaged trap drums, these samples were all specifically engineered for Phonk music, so you’ll be able to make some great sounding, punchy beats in no time, even if you have no other packs downloaded.

Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1 – Discount

At the moment, Symitone are selling their Phonk Essentials Kit with 70% off, and using code “PHONKY” gets you an extra 25% off.

How To Install The Pack

Installation is easy, whether you use Fl Studio or another popular DAW such as Ableton Live. After ordering the kit, instant access is given to download the kit, via an email with a download link. Download the ZIP file, extract it, and drag it into your samples folder for your DAW. For example, my path in Fl Studio is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 20\Data\Patches

And in Ableton is:

C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\Ableton\User Library\Samples\

If you’ve got it installed correctly, you should see the kit listed:

Opening the Symitone Phonk Kit in Ableton.

Conclusion – Phonk Music is Cool, But You Need Great Sounding Drums to Make it Good.

The best phonk songs have unique, punchy and often slightly distorted samples, which is what makes the good songs memorable and stand out from the crowd, above the more generic productions. Getting the right vibe to be transferred properly to your listener is a challenging task if you aren’t using samples which work for the genre, so it’s definitely worth getting some great samples and sounds to elevate your production to the next level.

Thank you for reading our article, leave a comment below if you’ve tried the kit out and why not let others know what you thought of it.