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The 5 Best Free Drum and Bass Sample Packs

Discord DnB Production Toolkit by DnBAcademy/
The Discord Sample Pack by DnBAcademy is Free.

Drum and bass is a complicated and technical genre to produce, but also hugely rewarding when you get it right. Whether you’re looking to make Jungle, Jump Up, Rollers or Liquid, we’re going to take a look at a few of the best free drum and bass sample packs you can get today, without spending a single penny.

Drum and bass is a very varied and unique genre, so it’s difficult to cater to everyone’s unique preferences in a single article, however every single one of these sample packs are great quality and highly extensive in their sound selections, so you will definitely be able to get inspired and improve your productions with the help of these packs.

As always with sample packs, it’s worth supporting the producers who spend considerable time and money to put these resources out to the music community for free. Whether it’s a follow on Instagram or simply subscribing on YouTube, try to pay your thanks back to these guys for the work they have put it.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 of the best Sample Packs for producing Drum and Bass of 2023.

1. MusicRadar Drum and Bass Sample Pack

MusicRadar DnB Sample Pack – One of the Best Free Resources Available.

If you haven’t downloaded any of MusicRadar’s packs yet, you’re missing out. They have produced some really high quality free sample packs and loop kits over the years, and this one is no exception. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to enter your email address or perform any actions to get a link to download the folder, this one is for you. Literally all you have to do is go on the project page and click the download link to access an instant download.

Thanks Music Radar, very cool. This pack comes with an extensive range of one shots and loops, with the drum sounds being pretty fantastic especially if you prefer to have more human sounding drums in your music.

With 485 samples and a download size of nearly 300MB, I’m surprised they aren’t asking for anything in exchange for this pack. This is a great start to increasing your library of samples to draw from as a drum and bass producer, and anyone who turns their nose up at Music Radar’s sample packs needs to set aside their preconceptions and actually give them a try.

You can download it from MusicRadar here.

2. The Ultimate Amen Breaks Kit – Best Free Jungle Sample Pack

The Ultimate Amen Breaks kit in one form or another has been redistributed in many forms over the years. How does over 1GB of drum break samples sound to you Jungle Heads? That’s right, this kind soul has released over 800 loops after spending months of their time using authentic hardware, all to help push the scene forward.

I’m under the assumption that they were probably unable to charge for a sample pack of this nature, since there will be a lot of samples and remixed drum loops in this pack. This is absolutely great for getting some authentic Jungle samples for your music, but it’s worth bearing in mind that some of these samples will definitely not be authorised for use in commercial releases, so if you release your tracks to a label it’s worth checking with them first.

This one is another free download but please note that it is a .RAR rather than a .ZIP, so you may need to download some additional software to extract the folder, depending on your computer.

This is an essential sample pack for anyone who feels that Drum and Bass peaked in the 90s.

You can download it here, from rhythm-lab.

3. IV Vintage Drum Machines – Best Free Drum Machine Samples

Sticking to the theme of Retro Drums, we’ve got to take a look at IV Vintage Drum Machines, a mammoth pack available for free from StudioSlave. These awesome drum samples come from well over 50 different vintage drum machines, including some legendary hardware such as the Akai MPC-60 and a range of Roland’s finest, including the 808.

When looking to capture the essence of raw energy that the 90s Drum and Bass scene offered, making use of samples authentic to the time is a great way to make sure you’re hitting the spot.

Most of these samples are supplied as 44.1KHz .WAV files so don’t worry about the sound quality of these samples despite making use of some very old hardware.

I love this pack, and the warmth and fuzz that you can add to your music through making use of these drum samples is truly brilliant.

You can get your copy here for free from StudioSlave.

4. Free DnB Sample Pack Volume 1 by K Motionz

K Motionz Drum and Bass Sample Pack Demo.

K Motionz has been massive in the DnB scene for years. He’s basically been a DJ since he was like 5 years old, don’t quote me on that though. This free sample pack is perfect for making Jump Up, with a range of great loops and punchy one shots. Despite the fact K Motionz was probably in his mid teens when this pack released 7 years ago, this sample pack is still one of the most extensive and well comprehensive free Jump Up sample packs to this date.

The easiest way to get it is to visit the SoundCloud track here, and then click on the download link in the demo song’s description. Fun fact – One of my most popular songs with over 2 million streams uses a kick sample from this pack!

5. DnB Academy – Discord Sample Pack

A while ago, a DnB production education company, DnB Academy, release a free sample pack to celebrate a big milestone in the number of members who joined their Discord community.

What came as a result was one of my all time favourite free sample packs, specifically for making awesome Drum and Bass. I’ve used one-shots from this pack for making all kinds of DnB, from liquid to Jump Up.

The standout samples included in this pack would definitely have to be the snares. The handful of snares included make this worth downloading, even if you never use anything else.

It’s not as big as many of the other packs in this list, but hey – there’s nothing wrong with prioritising quality over quantity. Yes, despite only containing 50 samples, this is actually my favourite DnB pack available right now.

It’s available here from DnBAcademy, but you might need to hand over your email to download it these days from what it looks like on the site.

Conclusion – You Can Definitely Get Great DnB Samples For Free

Although many of the best loop kits do come at a cost in this amazing genre, there are still some pretty spectacular free libraries that are definitely worth downloading if you’re in the need of some perfect DnB sounds.

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