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Free Phonk Drum Kit – Phonk Essentials Lite

Free Phonk Drum Kit - The Phonk Essentials Lite Kit by Symitone.
The guys at Symitone have released a free version of their popular Phonk Drum Kit.

Phonk Essentials Lite is a free Phonk Drum kit from Symitone, released a few weeks after their popular “Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1“. If you don’t want to have to pay for packs to make some great Phonk Music but are still looking for some great samples to use, then this might just be your best option. All of the samples are 100% royalty free for commercial use, so you can release music using the samples and make money without having to pay a penny in licensing on these sounds.

The Free Phonk Essentials Lite kit comes with dozens of great sounding loops and samples, which are a hand-picked selection of some of the best sounds from the (paid) Phonk Essentials Vol.1 kit.

What’s Included?

Included in the pack, which is a free download .ZIP folder, are 26 crisp drum samples, which were designed from scratch specifically for making great sounding Phonk tracks. On top of this, 11 Punchy drum loops and 6 evil melody loops are ready for you to cook with. The loops are all labeled with the Key / BPM where needed, so you can easily work on top of the loops without any guess work required.


Yes, the Phonk Essentials Lite Kit comes with both cowbell loops and tuned cowbells. The “WAR” cowbell is my favourite for sure, give that one a try.

On the other hand, if you fancy using a melody loop, number 17 (160BPM) is pretty fire too.

One Shots – Phonk Drums

The pack contains 26 crisp drum samples, taken straight out of the premium pack. Expect punchy kicks, cracking snares and blasting 808s right out of the box. The 808s are all tuned for convenience, no guesswork needed.

Cowbell Loops – Phonk Drum Kit

On top of the drum and cowbell samples, there are 11 Drum Loops and 6 Melody loops to make use of. There’s a fat 808 loop, evil cowbell melodies and some punchy trap drum samples too.

The Phonk Essentials Lite kit is available as a free download from Symitone’s online store. Just add it to cart and check out, no payment is needed.

Phonk music is a style of Hip-Hop / Trap music which has evolved over the years, with dozens of producers at the forefront of the genre taking it into new uncharted territories every day. Whether your production style is more in line with the old-school “drift” Phonk style, or you’re more into making Phonk House which sounds like the soundtrack to an Anime Villain fight, this pack contains a wide enough range of samples to fit whichever style you prefer producing.

There’s plenty of room to experiment with the samples, as Symitone themselves have used the kit to make Phonk music from 80 BPM all the way up to 180 BPM.

Thank you for downloading the free Phonk drum kit, we hope you have fun with it.