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[Royalty Free] 1GB Trap Melody Loop Sample Pack Download

So you’re looking to take your trap music production to the next level. The drums and 808s are really hitting but for some reason you’re finding yourself uninspired when coming up with compelling atmospheric melodies which work great for trap music. Not to worry – this cheap yet huge melody sample pack really packs a punch and offers pretty fantastic value.

The Sample Pack in question? Trap Royalty by Symitone Audio. This great sample kit contains well over 1GB of high quality layered melody loops in 32 bit .WAV format.

Next time you are lacking inspiration, get yourself back into your music production flow state quicker by making use of some heat from this pack. The loops cover a really wide range of tempo and style. Trap royalty isn’t just your regular generic, flat sounding melody loops that leave a lot to be desired – every single loop in this pack contains a range of instrumentation and great depth, which can give you and instantly polished sound.

The good news doesn’t end there – Trap Royalty is 100% royalty free, including for commercial use. This basically means that you can use the loops in your music, release the music anywhere, and keep the profit.

Contained in the pack when you download it is a license file which gives you proof for any labels or other parties that you are allowed to use the samples and make money from your music which contains samples from the pack.

I could go on and on, but I’ll try to keep the rest of the details short:

  • 32 Bit .WAV Loops
  • Over 1GB of melody loops
  • 100% royalty free, including for commercial use
  • License included
  • Deep, well mixed and carefully layered melodies
  • Beautiful chord progressions to create instant atmosphere
  • Compatible with any good DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, etc)

As a trap producer, it can be really hard to find great melody loops in such a competitive, oversaturated market that is the world of sample packs. This is why trap Royalty is so good. I absolutely guarantee that you will be able to make dozens of awesome tracks in no time if you so desire.

So, there you have it – if you’re sold and want to get Trap Royalty for yourself, click here.