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5 Places To Get Free Sample Packs (2023)

So, you’re a music producer looking for new sounds to spice up your production, but you would rather not spend any money just yet on sample packs. Not to worry, today we are going to take a look at some of the best places to get some awesome free samples. Whether you’re looking for drum one shots or melody loops, these sites have countless resources between them, so you’ll be able to find just about whatever you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s uncover the secret sauce that can absolutely elevate your music’s quality, without spending a single penny.

Let’s get into it.

5. Symitone Sample Packs – Best Rare Sample Packs

Although Symitone doesn’t have as many sample packs and loops as some of the other sites on this list, the amount of quality packs available completely for free makes it a worthwhile pick, especially if you make Trap beats.

With a wide range of resources covering all kinds of genres and needs, you’ll be impressed. From huge MIDI packs to atmospheric Serum presets, there is a wealth of free samples you can access on their site. The best of the best is in their premium packs though, so if you want the absolute best there is on offer then beat that in mind.

Atmosphere Serum Preset Pack – Symitone

Symitone is certainly not as well known or popular as many of the other sites on this list yet, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can actually help give your music a more original sound when using samples that aren’t commonly used.

You can check Symitone out here.

4. Looperman – Best Range Of Samples


Looperman is great, and you should be able to tell what they specialise in from the name. It’s essentially a file sharing service, where a huge number of users post their loops for free.

Looperman has a real range in quality in the loops on their site because of this, but there is some absolute heat in amongst the mix of somewhat mid loops that fill up a lot of the site these days.

In theory, these loops are royalty free, but beware – sometimes very naughty people will claim these loops in YouTube’s ContentID system which means the royalty money from YouTube views may end up going to them instead. It’s hard to say who is doing this, sometimes it is the loop creators, and sometimes it’s people who stick their song in ContenID whilst using the loop in their song. Just beware of that before making an album using these samples, that’s all.

3. Bvker – Underrated Free Sample Packs


Although not as popular as some of the other sites on this list, Bvker has been giving away some really great Sample Packs to the community, as a way to advertise and drive sales to their premium sample packs. Let’s just say their free stuff is so good that a lot of people will end up never feeling like they need to pay for their packs. It’s good for us producers, but I might go so far as to say they actually offer too much for free.

Bvker also conveniently posts a ton of great demo tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud to showcase the samples they have produced for the community.

2. Cymatics – Overhated Sample Packs

Despite many producers being critical of Cymatics for whatever reason, it’s no surprise that they are extremely successful. With countless professionally produced loop kits and sample packs available for free, Cymatics is a great go-to site if you need more loops.

In my opinion Cymatics is overhated. Some people turn their nose up at using Cymatics samples, but the main reason for this is simply that they are so good that even a “bad” producer can make pretty good beats by using their stuff.

Check out their free sample packs here.

1. LoopMasters


LoopMasters is a behemoth of a company, and just like Cymatics, they mainly specialise in premium packs, which are well worth it. Luckily, if you are just looking for free sample packs they do still have some really awesome freebee options that go beyond just free drum kits. Serum Presets, loops, one shots and more, LoopMasters is our top pick for getting great free samples as a music producer in 2023. This site is extremely popular, and as soon as you get a hold of some of their work you will see exactly why.

Conclusion – There are Still some Great Free Sample Packs in 2023.

Sometimes it feels harder and harder on the internet to find good free content. Especially in today’s day and age, it seems like a ton of content which used to be free now comes with a pretty steep price.

This is where these 5 sites are a godsend for producers who aren’t looking to spend any money right now. When I started making beats, the biggest single improvement which completely transformed the quality of my music was making the move into no longer relying on the often terrible stock libraries that come with DAWs. FL Studio is the main culprit I’m talking about here, Ableton actually has some really awesome libraries.

The main benefit of using sample packs is when you are looking to produce music in a specific genre. For example, producing phonk music without having access to any good cowbell samples makes it a lot more challenging. Equally, making Drum and Bass without good drum breaks can leave your music feeling like something is missing.

Thanks for reading this article counting down our top 5 best websites for getting free samples. If you have any other recommendations, get in touch and we will check them out.