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Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol.2 (299 MIDI Loops)

After the success of Symitone’s first Phonk MIDI pack release, it’s obvious a sequel was going to come out. Kind of like Fast and Furious, but not quite as popular.

This new Phonk Melody MIDI pack is made up of 25 folders and 299 total melodies. Unlike the first pack, this one is solely for making Phonk House, since it’s clear that that’s what everyone wanted.

Take a listen to the Demo and take a look and see if you want to get hundreds of melodies just like this for the price of a beer:

Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol.2 by Symitone

All of the MIDI files in this pack are labelled by BPM and key, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. You don’t need to stick to a certain tempo to use these files, these are just the recommended BPMs.

Here’s what’s inside the pack:

The folders within the Phonk Pack

Each of these folders contains several MIDI files in a range of keys, so you’ll always have what you’re looking for just a few clicks away.

Since this is primarily a MIDI pack, the file size is very small. Even unzipped, it takes up approx. 1.35MB, so you are probably not going to need to clear any room on your hard drive to install it.

The Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2 is currently £4.99 / $5.99 / €5.95, and is available exclusively from Symitone. Be quick, because under 250 copies are available, and once they’re all sold, you’re out of luck.

How To Use The Phonk MIDI Pack

Using the resources in the pack is very simple for a majority of popular DAWs. If you use Ableton Live or FL Studio, it’s as simple as dragging the file you want to use onto the mixer channel or piano roll.

This sample pack will work with just about any DAW that supports MIDI. Examples of supported software include, but are not limited to:

  • Ableton Live
  • FL Studio
  • Logic Pro X
  • Reason
  • Cubase
  • Pro Tools
  • Studio One

Are the Loops Royalty Free?

Yes, all of the MIDI files within this pack are being offered on a 100% royalty free basis, and that includes commercial use. If you’re not sure what that means, you are allowed to release music using the melodies to all streaming services and keep the profits, unlike a lot of other packs.

Royalty free also means that if you’re under a label, you can make use of this pack and not have any sampling / legal issues down the line, unlike using unlicensed samples and resources.

What Is The Difference Between Phonk and Phonk House?

You might have read earlier that this MIDI pack is intended mainly for producing Phonk House. This is a subgenre of phonk, which combines the gritty, dark aesthetic of phonk with the drums and tempo of house.

If you want a good example of Phonk House, check out the demo track below:

Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2 Demo – Symitone

What Other Phonk Sample Packs Work Well With This?

if you’re looking to get all the samples and resources you need to make awesome Phonk Music but don’t have any samples yet, you should definitely check out our article here on the best Phonk Sample Packs of 2023. This countdown covers everything, from 808s, to Drums, to Cowbell samples.

If you’re looking specifically for House Drum loops, then you should definitely check out the Deep House Drum Loops Pack, also by Symitone.

Why Is This Pack Limited Edition?

Symitone do things differently to a lot of other music companies. Instead of trying to squeeze every single penny possible out of each new pack release, the number of copies available is often limited to a very low number. The idea behind this is to prevent the samples from being overused and in turn lowering the quality and originality. By keeping the samples rare and exclusive, it stops them from becoming too popular and heard everywhere, which helps to make sure you music remains unique.

When there are possibly hundreds of thousands of Phonk Producers, yet under 250 people are ever going to be able to get their hands on these files, it’s no surprise that they sell fast.

What Are MIDI Packs For?

You can think of MIDI packs as big folders which contain a bunch of instructions. Some are for melodies, and some are for percussion. These files are for creating better music, faster. Unlike .WAV samples such as melody and drum loops, these files allow for a little more customisation since you can use them with all sorts of instruments to make a completely unique song. The other benefit of using MIDI over a pre-rendered loop is that you can easily tweak the melody in the piano roll, to make it even more to your liking.


So there you have it, you should definitely check out the new Phonk Melody Pack by Symitone if you’re finding yourself struggling for inspiration for coming up with awesome Phonk melodies.